Need help with an order?
Contact the vendor who sold the items to you with the following steps:

  1. Go to the Orders page (you will need to login first if you haven't already)
  2. Click on the order to view the details
  3. Click on the "Contact Seller" button to send the food maker your message

Have a question about a product?
Simply find the item on the site and click on the "Contact vendor" button to directly message the people who make it.

Need help with something else?
Please use the form below or email to send us a message and we'll reply as fast as possible.

The buyfromisrael registered office address is Shderot James De Rothschild 33, Haifa

As a small team we're not able to man the phones to offer inbound customer phone service. If you need help just complete the contact form above and we'll reply back to you quickly and even call you back if needed.
For any partnership, business or marketing inquiries please call +972544742974.